Therapy for Depression

Learn to stop struggling with depression
and create a life that you love.

When you’re depressed, everything is a struggle

Struggling with depression seems like it is as much about what isn’t there, as what is. People think it is full of sadness, guilt and pain – and while that is there, it’s often more like a feeling of emptiness or numbness. Depression counseling can support you in exploring these feelings, so you overcome your struggle with depression and lead a life you will love.

When you have depression, it’s hard to find things to care about, motivation drops and it’s a fight to do the things that used to bring joy and purpose to your life. Friends seem distant and days blur together. Sleep is a comfort because at least then you’re not staring that empty loneliness in the face.

Sure, you can fake it sometimes when you need to – put on a smile and “go along to get along” but it feels hollow.

You look around you and see satisfied people, some are even happy – you wonder if you’ll ever feel that way again. Sometimes you even think about killing yourself, but you’re afraid to tell anyone.

You want more than this constant struggle with depression

You want to be able to let go of the ongoing struggle with yourself and find a sense of peace. You know you used to care about things, and you want to figure out what you care about now, find some energy and motivation to go after those things. You want a sense of inner stability, passion and above all a relief from the miserable struggle of depression.

Good news – therapy for depression can help!

Since you’re looking at this page, it’s pretty obvious you’re looking to find a therapist to help you out of this misery.

Therapy with me starts with the basics of understanding your emotions and how you have been struggling with them so far. We go to the heart of that pain and together see if we can find a way out– you bring your experience of the struggle and I bring a scientific background and expertise in behavior change. We determine what skills will be helpful in letting go of the struggle so you can reclaim some energy to use for good. We spend time talking about what matters, what really matters to you, and see if we can use some of that newfound energy to pursue these valued directions.

I help people overcome depression because I love helping people let go of the pain and the struggle that hasn’t been working. I get goosebumps when I help someone discover how fulfilling life can be once they learn a new way to approach themselves and life. I am passionate about helping people use the science of psychology to transform their lives.

I want you to love your life, no matter what comes your way.

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